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How Health Advocates Can Increase Workplace Productivity and Effectiveness

As a business owner, employee health is your business, no matter the industry.

Your employees are key contributors to the success of your company and right now, they are maintaining these impeccable standards during a pandemic. As our world becomes more complex due to a new normal, so do the responsibilities and stressors for your employees. 

Two major factors affecting productive employees are absenteeism and presenteeism. If you are unfamiliar with presenteeism, it occurs when employees show up for work, even though they may not be physically or emotionally capable of carrying out their duties for the day. They are there but not fully “present.” Mental, physical, or emotional stress can be a major distractor in your employees’ effectiveness and will ultimately cause a loss in productivity. 

Introducing a Health Advocate into your employee benefits program can improve employee focus and productivity, as well as reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. The right benefits make all the difference in supporting the mental and physical well-being of your people so they can do their best work more effectively, efficiently, and all-around happier. 

CHAI consists of a national network of Health Advocates who are experts in navigating the healthcare system. They are available online, virtually, and in-person for employees across Canada. 

A Health Advocate can support employees and their families by:

  1. Understanding complex health concerns and conditions

  2. Attending doctor’s appointments

  3. Keeping the family and patient informed about treatment plans and progress.

With the current health landscape and ever-changing procedures, having a Health Advocate can make the difference between getting the proper care and falling through the cracks. Now you can offer this incredible service to your employees as a benefit when they or a loved one are struggling with their health.

You can make a significant difference in the lives of your employees by offering a Health Advocate service in your employee benefits package. With CHAI’s Account Executive, discover a solution that is right for you and your employees. For more information, download our Employee Benefits Program Information Kit. Or to talk with our Account Executive, visit our contact us page.


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