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Hear From Those We've Helped

"I contacted Canadian Health Advocates after receiving a surgery date for total left hip replacement. I wanted help finding ways to use my own blood if a blood transfusion was needed (analogous blood donation). My advocate, Heather, was a very competent, experienced RN in the community where my surgery would occur. She kept me well informed about the process and I felt like she was fighting for me. Without the support of Canadian Health Advocates, I would not have known how or where to begin the research, nor did I as a private citizen have access to the networks living within the health care system to pursue the proper channels! Canadian Health Advocates is the best kept secret any person has should they find themselves needing support in navigating the health care system! I highly recommend Canadian Health Advocates to anyone individual, family member or other professionals attempting to manage the maze of issues related to understanding and pursuing the best direction for their health! I plan to keep Canadian Health Advocates close in my contact list. As we age, we may find ourselves especially vulnerable given new health challenges as they arise and the ever-evolving complicated health care system! I will be forever grateful to Canadian Health Advocates for supporting me at every step along the way!"

Terri, Canadian Health Advocates Patient

British Columbia

"As a family doctor with many years of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous value that a patient advocate brings to the healthcare journey. Having a patient advocate by your side can make a world of difference, not only in terms of providing clarity and improving communication but also in offering much-needed emotional support during challenging times.


Healthcare can often be overwhelming and complex, especially for patients who are dealing with serious illnesses or navigating complex treatment plans. In such situations, it is common for patients to feel confused, anxious, or even frightened. This is where a patient advocate becomes an invaluable asset.


A patient advocate can help facilitate shared decision-making between the patient, their family, and the healthcare team. They can ensure that the patient's values, preferences, and goals are considered when making important healthcare choices. By empowering patients to actively participate in their care, advocates help foster a sense of ownership and control over their health, leading to improved health outcomes and overall satisfaction.


In conclusion, the value of a patient advocate in healthcare cannot be overstated. Their presence provides clarity, improves communication, and offers vital emotional support to patients and their families during challenging times. As a family doctor, I wholeheartedly recommend considering a patient advocate when facing healthcare situations that are complex, overwhelming, or emotionally demanding. Their invaluable assistance and unwavering dedication can make a significant difference in a patient's healthcare experience, fostering a sense of empowerment, understanding, and ultimately, better health outcomes."


Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP

CEO, Eunoia Medical

Family Doctor, Highlands Medical Clinic, NS

"Navigating all the resources to optimize patient care is a task with many parts, like music that becomes a great symphony, each team member in the health care team plays a pivotal role towards a common goal- to optimize care and support to a patient. Coming from the perspective of a care provider with multi-disciplinary teams, I have found this task very challenging and at times, frustrating and stressful. The patient, who is the end recipient of all efforts sometimes benefits, and sometimes fails in this symphony of teams. We have appreciated having a patient advocate involved, and as a part of our team, for one of our complex patients. Paige provides an invaluable service to the patient, creating a reliable focal point that greatly enables us to perform our duties with minimal interruption and cooperation. 

We are confident that with her help, key appointments and instructions are going to be carried out with compliance, and that our advice will have been understood fully by the patient. The advocate is able to reiterate and reinforce the information we give the patient. Paige also provides invaluable assistance in coordinating meetings, ensuring tests are carried out and greatly improving the patient’s experience and health outcomes. The advocate helps with communication and offers emotional support to the patient. This enables us to provide care more consistently and makes the whole process run more smoothly. Having Paige as an intermediary, care critical to the patient's condition would have been nearly impossible to administer. Paige is quite literally a lifesaver for this patient. There was ease in communication, collaborative care, and support to the patient. We look forward to our ongoing professional association with Paige and continue to value deeply the work that patient advocates do."

Maria Teresa Ala, RN, NC
Kidney Care Clinic-Case Manager
Alberta Health Services

"When my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, it was a shock to all of us, and we found ourselves suddenly thrown into a barrage of tests, specialists, and treatment options which were all very overwhelming to absorb. Our Health Advocate provided us with a lot of information and helped us to understand what was meant in terms of potential treatment. It’s been a difficult journey but we most definitely appreciated Canadian Health Advocacy’s invaluable knowledge and support. No one should have to face this difficult journey on their own."

Michelle, Canadian Health Advocates Patient


"My advocate was great... I’m so glad I found you and your company! It’s good to know that Canadian Health Advocates are out there, offering support, and advice. It’s so hard maneuvering through the “system” and advocating for your family member with what they want for the next stage of life. I couldn’t have done it without Canadian Health Advocates."

D.O., Canadian Health Advocates Patient

Niagara, Ontario

"We have had the pleasure of working with Canadian Health Advocates over the past few months. As a Benefit company, we offer a unique service assisting our clients and their employees with the best possible resources in order to successfully navigate through the challenges of life. Canadian Health Advocates has been a large part of our success by providing resources to our employees through their service with exceptional outcomes, including community resources, and support.

They are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround time with reaching out to our clients has been nothing short of amazing. It has been a pleasure working with the ladies at Canadian Health Advocates and we will continue using their services."

Melony Martin, Client Care Specialist
Ascension Benefits

Finding an efficient & fast way for medical treatment sometimes was a daunting task for a patient’s family. After the initial unclear and non-communicated well-doctor treatments, we didn’t know where we should obtain the best treatment and doctor opinions.

Canadian Health Advocate helped me with constructive advice for my wife's treatment. With our advocate’s directional help, my wife was quickly switching to the appropriate medical team for the rest of the treatments. Canadian Health Advocate has been pivotal in helping me better understand how and where to obtain the best medical treatment in the current healthcare system. Greatly appreciate our advocate’s great effort that has been made.

Phil, Canadian Health Advocates Patient
Vancouver, B.C.

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