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How We Can Help

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Provide Personalized Care, At A Distance

Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of families in need of elderly and senior care. We understand that geographical constraints can make it challenging to provide the necessary support. Our team of health advocates ensures your parent's health needs are met and communicated back to your family at every stage of their journey.


Improve Their Quality of Life & Safety

Enhance the overall well-being of your loved one by providing attentive care that promotes a higher quality of life while minimizing risks.


Reclaim Your Role As Daughter or Son 

Long-term care can be complex, with evolving needs for the patients. Having a dedicated health advocate by your side to support your parent's changing requirements alleviates stress for your family and ensures greater comfort for your loved one.


Offer Compassionate Companionship

We understand that it can be challenging for parents to accept help from their children and loved ones when it comes to senior care. That's why a health advocate serves as a neutral confidant, offering not only premium support but also companionship as they navigate their journey. Whether your loved one is facing aging in place, palliative care, hospice care, or any other situation, we are here to provide the necessary support for their mental and physical well-being.

"Having a patient advocate on our team gave us the courage to spend time with Dad, express our feelings without constant worry about proper care. Without our Canadian Health Advocate, the experience would have been excruciating."

Karen A
British Columbia, Canada

Learn How A Care Plan Can Help

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