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We Navigate the Complexities of Healthcare,
So You Don't Have To

Discover Personalized Health Advocacy 

At Canadian Health Advocates, our goal is simple: improve your healthcare experience through health advocacy.

As health advocates, we support you by:

  • Providing medical reviews

  • Developing comprehensive treatment plans

  • Communicating with your healthcare providers

  • Ensuring that you have the assistance you need for both physical and emotional healing

  • Bringing compassion and comfort back to healthcare

Navigating healthcare can be overwhelming, but we are here to support you and your loved ones through every step of your journey.  

Together, we can make healthcare less stressful, and more empowering. 

Who We Help

Chronic Illness

chronic illness patient photo

Finding timely and coordinated healthcare solutions for chronic illnesses can be a challenge.  We
will source the best-in-class care options for you and ensure that
your treatment plan is effective in addressing your specific needs.

Aging Parents

Image of aging grandparent with grandchild

Let us take on the complex and ongoing care needs of your aging parents, allowing you to reclaim
your role as a son or daughter.

Surgery Complications

Surgery Complications Hospital Photo

For the thousands of Canadians who undergo common surgeries and face post-operative complications like wound infections and implant failure, having a dedicated health professional who comprehends your health history and specific needs is crucial for a successful recovery.

Accident Victims

Accident Victims at Hospital Photo

If you have been affected by a car accident or are experiencing PTSD due to an accident-related injury, our advocates will ensure that your rehabilitation treatment plan is well-managed, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

Benefits Of Working With Our Health Advocates

Custom Health Solutions Icon

Once you complete your intake, we will assign you a dedicated advocate who is best suited to meet your specific health needs. They will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your goals and healthcare objectives.

Improving Your Wellness Icon

Improving Your Wellness

Navigating a health concern can be physically uncomfortable, as well as stressful and emotionally draining. Your advocate is here to empower you throughout your journey, starting with providing support for your overall wellness.

Full Medical Reviews Icon

Full Medical Reviews

We'll virtually review your diagnosis, medications, and treatment plan with you to make sure you understand it completely. Your health advocate will accompany you to future appointments and keep track of key information. 

Custom Solutions

Hear From Those Who We've Helped

"I wanted to find a way to help my Dad navigate through the healthcare system while he cares for my Mom with Alzheimer’s. Our health advocate provided us with regular updates on progress…it was great to be able to hand that task over to someone else, as it would have taken Dad months or even years to get the results that they did. I have, and will continue to, recommend Canadian Health Advocates to anyone who might find this service useful as I believe most people find our healthcare system frustrating, especially older folks. Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Well worth the money in my opinion!"

Ontario, Canada

Learn How A Care Plan Can Help

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