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Who We Help

Anyone, at any time, may benefit from having a health advocate on their team. Our team of experienced nurses have assisted over 500+ families throughout Canada. Whether you require long-term care for conditions such as Cancer and Diabetes or need assistance with corrective care after an accident or surgery complication, we are here to support you.

Our health advocates not only assist our patients but also prioritize the well-being of their families. We frequently work with parents, daughters, sons, husbands, and wives who seek additional support to ensure their loved ones receive the necessary care.


Families Helped 

Aging Parents

Personalized care: Ensure your loved one receives dedicated, one-on-one care from experienced professionals, tailored to their specific needs.

Aging Female Patient Photo

Sufferers of
Chronic Illness

Managing multiple healthcare services can be overwhelming. Our team of advocates collaborate with physicians, specialists, and therapy services to create a personalized care plan just for you.

Chronic Illness Patient Photo


Regain your trust and confidence in your health. We understand the emotional distress caused by surgery complications, and we are here to provide compassionate support, ensuring you feel confident and secure in your healthcare journey.

Surgery Complications Patient Photo

Accident Victims

Say goodbye to long wait times for consultations, tests, and treatments. Ensure you get access to right resources following your accident with the help of a dedicated health advocate. 

Accident Victims Patient Photo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My Dad has dementia - then fell, broke his hip, and ended up in the hospital. I was worried that he was not getting the best care so I reached out to a health advocate. This was a game-changer. My advocate communicated with the staff in the hospital, kept the family informed, and then helped us get him transferred into a long-term care facility. If you have parents that are getting older, I highly recommend this service.

Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

I can not say enough good things about Canadian Health Advocates. My wife had gotten progressively worse over the years and the healthcare system had failed to find a diagnosis, mostly due to a lack of effort. I hired Canadian Health Advocates in mid-August and by the end of August we had a diagnosis. Our health advocate has been instrumental in advocating for my wife to receive the required testing to be diagnosed and be treated. She has also given me a shoulder to cry on during a very stressful time.  I feel like Canadian Health Advocates may have very well saved my wife’s life. I would recommend their services to anyone struggling with the healthcare system. 

Learn How A Care Plan Can Help

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