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About Canadian Health Advocates 

Canadian Health Advocates Inc. was born from the inspiration of its Founder and CEO, Paige Lennox. With 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Paige witnessed firsthand the impact limited resources and overworked healthcare professionals have on patient care.

When Paige's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she wanted to cherish her time as her daughter, rather than as her caregiver. This experience highlighted the challenges faced by thousands of Canadians every day.

Motivated by these experiences, Paige established Canadian Health Advocates with the mission to support individuals and their families throughout their healthcare journeys. Our role is to pair patients with health advocates who offer the highest quality support, allowing patients to focus on their recovery and loved ones to remain daughters, sons, partners and parents.  

Paige Lennox, CEO, Canadian Health Advocates Photo

Paige Lennox
CEO, Founder

Our Patient Care Team

Our Advisory Board

Aubrey Muirhead

Advisory Board Member

  • LinkedIn - Aubrey Muirhead

Karen Blair

Advisory Board Member

  • LinkedIn - Karen Blair

Henry Kutarna

Advisory Board Member

  • LinkedIn - Henry Kutarna

Dr. Ron Clark

Advisory Board Member

  • LinkedIn - Dr. Ron Clark

Rosemarie Enslin

Advisory Board Member

  • LinkedIn - Rosemarie Enslin

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