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  • What is patient advocacy?
    Patient advocacy is a vital aspect of healthcare that involves acting as an advocate for patients, survivors, and caregivers. This role can be assumed by either an individual or an organization with a focus on promoting high-quality healthcare standards or advocating for the needs of specific patients. One key responsibility of a patient advocate is to ensure that individuals are actively heard by their medical providers while also understanding their diagnosis and available treatment options.
  • What’s a Care Plan and how do they work?
    A Care Plan is a comprehensive healthcare roadmap for individuals looking to improve their experience with the healthcare system. A Care Plan contains information pertaining to a patient's diagnosis, health history, past surgeries and treatments, future treatment plans, and any other alternatives for recovery. All Care Plans are developed by an experienced healthcare advocate, employed by Canadian Health Advocates. We match every advocate to each patient based on their experience, and the patient’s direct needs. To develop your Care Plan, your advocate will research your health history and requirements, and connect with the necessary healthcare professionals to start your path to recovery. Your Care Plan will contain a completed report which details all of the findings of your advocate's research and treatment plan.
  • Are Care Plans covered by insurance?
    Some insurance providers will cover Care Plans under their policies.
  • Will my doctor be willing to work with my advocate?
    Not without your consent. With your consent, we are able to obtain your health records, speak to your medical providers on you behalf, and attend your medical appointments as required.
  • Will my advocate help me manage my appointments?
    If needed, yes. We can arrange your appointments, remind you of appointments, and participate in appointments.
  • What happens when you attend a medical appointment with me?
    If you would like an advocate to attend a medical appointment, we would pre-arrange phone or video for your appointment with your Physician. Your advocate would speak with you prior to your appointment to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed. They will also take notes, and translate any medical jargon afterwards. Our participation is at your discretion – we can be involved as much or as little as you wish.
  • Will my advocate help me understand medical diagnoses?
    Yes. All of our advocates have many years of experience working in healthcare and can help you understand your medical diagnoses. We believe that informed patients are empowered patients and we strive to make this happen.
  • If requested, would my advocate be able to speak to my General Physician on my behalf?
    Yes, we regularly communicate with our patient's Physicians to ensure that medical information is correctly understood and evaluated. We can communicate with any of your Doctors to assess your treatment options and conduct additional research as necessary, so you can make the best decision for your health.
  • Can Canadian Health Advocates help access home care and other resources?
    Yes. We explore different resources with you, ensure you understand these resources, and support you in making decisions about them. We have significant knowledge of how the healthcare system works, and what resources are available.
  • I am a medical Power of Attorney for someone else, can I get still get an advocate’s help?
    Yes. If you have been deemed a surrogate decision-maker for your loved one, we work with you directly the same way we would if you were a patient able to make their own decisions.
  • I want to use MAID (medical assistance in dying), can Canadian Health Advocates still help me?
    Yes, our advocates are available to explain the qualification criteria, ensure their patient understands all available options to them, and ensure they are continuously supported throughout their process.
  • Can my advocate help me find a hospice?
    Yes. Our advocates can do research for you and your family to ensure you have all of the required information you need to make the decision that is right for your end-of-life care. We can also facilitate the process of transferring the patient from their home or facility into hospice by working closely with their doctor and healthcare providers.
  • I need someone to physically take me to the clinic. Can my advocate help me with this?
    No, we do not currently provide mobility services.
  • Does Canadian Health Advocates keep records of their patients?
    Yes. We document everything that transpires during our work with you. We use an online documentation platform that is privacy protected.
  • I have aging parents but I do not live near them. How can I work with an advocate to provide them care?
    We can support your aging parent that lives at a distance when you can’t be there yourself. We understand how hard it can be when you have your own family, work, and life commitments and at the same time have aging parents that live at a distance. We can take some of the stress off of you by ensuring they have the resources they need, participating in doctor appointments, arranging medication delivery, arranging for transportation, reviewing test results, and reporting back to the family.
  • My aging parent is in the hospital. Can Canadian Health Advocates help me?
    Yes. We can speak with the hospital staff on your parent’s behalf, coordinate communication, get medical updates, arrange team meetings with the family, and report back to you on a regular basis as to how things are progressing. Sometimes having an experienced and knowledgeable third party involved can help progress treatment.
  • Can Canadian Health Advocates help me if I have a chronic, or long-standing illness?
    Yes, we will review the history of your illness with you, and how you have been treated to date. Together we will set some goals, facilitate communication with your healthcare providers, and conduct research on your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Can Canadian Health Advocates help me if I am already hospitalized?
    Yes, we support patients who are undergoing in-facility care. Part of your advocate's job is to ensure you are receiving the best possible care during your stay, and communicate with your loved ones. Once you are ready for discharge, we work with the facility staff to ensure a smooth transition back home, or to your long-term care facility.
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