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Case Study: Rhonda's Story
Remote & Distressed 

Aging Parents Case Study Image

Rhonda, a 65-year-old woman with complex healthcare issues, was looking for a solution to address her ongoing concerns after feeling unheard and misunderstood by her current healthcare team for some time. Rhonda struggled to navigate her healthcare journey effectively and felt isolated by her current situation. Rhonda’s journey took a positive turn when she discovered the power of personalized health advocacy.

How We Responded 
Rhonda's daughter connected her with Canadian Health Advocates, allowing her to connect virtually with her advocate. Rhonda and her advocate communicated regularly to find the perfect solution to address her healthcare concerns. Despite the virtual nature of Rhonda and her advocate’s relationship, her advocate was still able to attend all her medical appointments by phone to help her ask the right questions.  

How Rhonda Benefited From Health Advocacy 
The benefits Rhonda experienced from health advocacy were significant:

  • She felt emotionally supported and had a sense of having someone right by her side throughout her journey

  • She had the convenience of virtual communication eliminated the need to leave her home, saving time and energy

  • Rhonda gained a better understanding of medical terms and felt empowered to engage in effective conversations with her medical team. 

Through personalized health advocacy, Rhonda's healthcare experience transformed, ensuring she received the care and attention she deserved.

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