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How We Can Help

Surgery Complications Patient in Rehabilitation Center Photo


Regain Trust & Confidence In Your Health

With 30 years of experience, our health advocates have helped numerous patients facing a range of surgical complications, including postoperative infections and knee and hip implant failures. Our role is to provide you with the reliable support you need to feel confident to navigate your recovery and beyond. This involves conducting extensive research on top surgeons for follow-up surgeries when required. 


Become Pain-Free, Faster

With the support of a health advocate, you gain access to a larger health community, not just a single doctor or nurse. Your advocate researches and develops the best care plan tailored to your needs, ensuring you reach a pain-free state as soon as possible. 


Regain Your Independence 

Depending on the nature of the surgical complication, postoperative patients often initially rely on their friends and family to manage daily routines and rehabilitation. However, this can often lead to feelings of guilt and the desire not to burden their loved ones. Your health advocate is here to support you in strengthening your independence by alleviating the responsibilities from your loved ones and fulfilling those needs for you.

"I was on vacation out of country, got very sick and needed help after my surgery went wrong. My advocate helped find a translator so I could understand the medical jargon the healthcare team was speaking about. She also helped ensure that I got the best possible care post-op and facilitated the transfer of care back to Canada. My advocate case managed all aspects of my care until I was back on my feet and feeling well again. She was life-changing and life-saving. I couldn’t have done it without her."

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Learn How A Care Plan Can Help

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