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Elevating Hospital Care for Aging Parents: Protecting Patient Rights

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Balancing Responsibilities, Ensuring Quality: Advocating for Aging Parents in Hospitals

Caring for aging parents while managing your own life's demands can be a balancing act, and when aging parents find themselves in hospitals, it's a critical time that requires careful attention. The challenges seniors face with hospital care can stem from various factors, including busy medical staff, communication gaps, limited resources and an overwhelming environment. This is distressing for both the parent and the supportive child looking to provide quality care, especially if they are at a distance from one another.

Empowering Your Role

Supporting aging parents during hospitalization can be emotionally complex. Concerns about the quality of care they receive in healthcare institutions weigh heavily on supportive children. As Health Advocates, our mission is to step into their shoes and ensure their aging parents receive the best care. Rather than criticizing the system, we collaborate closely with hospital staff, participating in team meetings, coordinating with medical professionals, and facilitating transparent communication with families. Our aim is to bridge the gap between these challenges and the expectations families to reclaim their role as daughters, sons, and spouses.

Working in Collaboration

We acknowledge that hospitals have unique challenges. Our approach focuses on collaboration, working alongside hospital teams to find solutions, communicating regularly, and advocating for comprehensive care. This ensures a productive relationship between healthcare institutions and families so healthcare goals can be met.

Guided By Quality: Focusing on Patient Rights

Canadian Health Advocates steps into the role as your partner in advocating for the dignity, respect, and comprehensive care your loved ones deserve. We work within the existing system to ensure that patient rights are respected throughout their healthcare journey. Trust us to navigate the challenges, bridge communication gaps, and ensure your aging parents' hospital experience is one that reflects competency, care and compassion.


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