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Benefits of Adding a Health Advocate to your Employee Wellness Program

Healthcare Navigation

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge with healthcare is dealing with all of the "little stuff". Perhaps it is ensuring your loved ones get to an appointment on time, getting medical records transferred, resolving a claim, or trying to book with a specialist. We might also be asking ourselves if we should attend appointments for loved ones that are in our care, or when the best time to go is. In some cases, it’s the bigger, more daunting issues like dealing with a new diagnosis or trying to find the right people to talk to regarding an ill or aging parent. This can all add up, and most times, these tasks need to be dealt with during working hours.

Employees might find themselves taking breaks intermittently throughout the day just so that they can jump on the phone and attempt to deal with some of these tasks. In the end, you have employees that are burnt out, while trying to multitask work and a health concern that is heavily weighing on them.

This issue of presenteeism can drastically cut individual productivity. Unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always something an employer can see. Unless it is fully disclosed to them , employers won’t know when their employee's medical condition, or the medical condition of a loved one they are caring for, is starting to hinder their performance because, on the outside, these employees look fine.

It is essential to have the appropriate resources in place for employees to handle medical conditions from several angles. When you bring Canadian Health Advocates into your benefits program, we will not only offer unwavering support, but we will also advocate for all employees to ensure they have everything they need in order to stay focused and productive at work, while making the best possible decisions for their own health, or the health of a loved one they are caring for.

Access to Resources

The responsibility of your own healthcare, and potentially the healthcare of others that you are caring for, bears more weight than one might think. It is important that you are not facing this stressful and confusing space alone. By having additional support in place, you can work more effectively and efficiently, while improving your overall happiness as an employee.

Next Steps

Learn more about our care plans and talk to your employer about adding Canadian Health Advocates to your current Human Resources benefits plan program.


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