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We aim to empower patients through patient education and awareness. Here are resource links for additional reading and help.

Health Link

Hhealthlink resource linkealthlink BC is a non-emergency, health information website that combines British Columbia’s most trusted and recognized health information services including the:

  • BC HealthGuide
  • BC HealthFiles
  • BC NurseLine
  • Pharmacist Services
  • Dial-a-Dietitian, and the
  • Physical Activity Line (PAL).

You may contact them through email at or by phone by dialing 811.


The Mayo Clinic

mayo clinic

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit academic medical center that provides information on specific diseases, conducts medical education and research training. Aside from providing health information on specific diseases, Mayo Clinic also bridges the gap between patient and physician by providing online medical consultation services to US residents.



nidusNIDUS is a non-profit organization, found to give British Columbia residents information on Representation Agreements and other personal planning tools. It functions mainly a Representation Agreement Resource Centre (RARC) but also provides other services such as public legal education on personal planning, volunteer trainings, coaching and problem-solving support and third party policy consultations.


World Health Organization Patient Groups

The World Health Organization provides its own compilation of support groups worldwide that can help in the success of treatment plans as well as support groups for patients with genetic disorders and their families. The list range from general health improvement support groups to disease-specific groups.


Smart Patients is an online support and community forum where patients and their families can share their experiences, update themselves with the latest research findings, find clinical trials and read inspirational stories from other patients.



End of Life Doula Association of Canada

End of Life Doula Association of Canada provides an online directory of death doulas one can hire in Canada. It also provides detailed information about becoming a death doula. Registered doula members also have their own private forum to share their experiences with colleagues.


Community Deathcare Canada

Community Deathcare Canada is a support group for individuals, families and communities dealing with death and deathcare. The organization offers support in making key decisions regarding deathcare, discussing options before, during and after death. They offer assistance in dealing with paper works such as end of life planning, obituary planning, memorial and funeral arrangements, financial plans and disposition options.

Plan Well

PlanWellThe Plan Well guide is a tool to help you learn about medical treatments and prepare you for decision-making during a serious illness, by helping you communicate important values and preferences. It’s about getting the medical care that’s right for you or your loved one.



Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice is a reputable online source of information about palliative care and end of life care for patients, family members, health care providers, researchers and educators. The web-based platform has three components – PallNet for palliative care community exchange, the Researcher Portal and the Exchange, the latter being an advanced palliative care exchange hub that discusses latest research findings, potential for improvements and best practices in palliative care.



The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates or APHA is a professional and support organization for private, independent patient advocates. APHA provides the necessary information needed for private patient advocates to start their own practice and support to maximize their reach and improve patient outcomes.



ADVOConnection provides a free directory of members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Visitors can find any private health advocate offering a specialized service such as case management, medical billing, home health elder care, end of life services, mental health, pain management, substance abuse management, legal medical assistance and prevention services.

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