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The Canadian healthcare system is overstretched. This often leaves doctors short of time and resources.

Canadian Health Advocates Inc. (CHAI) was created to help with this situation. We collaborate with doctors and medical professionals by helping their patients navigate the health-care system in a way that makes it easier for the entire healthcare team.


As a doctor, you have massive demands on your time. Our Advocates can take some of the pressure off as well as minimize the strain put on your front-line office staff. By spending extra time with patients, CHAI Health Advocates are able to answer many of the questions that patients would normally call the clinic about.

It is increasingly difficult to have the amount of time with your patients that you want. It is becoming harder to get to know all aspects of your patients because of the limits you face in time and resources.

Patients crave a connection with their doctor. CHAI can bridge that gap and help to strengthen the connection between you and your patients. CHAI Advocates take the extra time (that you are sadly denied) to gather information and get to know the patient. This third-party involvement will help support your great care and at the same time comfort the patient.

Emotional Support

CHAI Health Advocates provide emotional support by spending focused time with patients, their families, and their caregivers. We provide comfort following a serious diagnosis or prognosis, have difficult discussions about End of Life, and are able to spend time assisting with the emotional needs of the patient/caregiver.

Continuity of Care

With the health-care system being so overstretched, it is becoming harder to maintain continuity of care between doctors and medical professionals because of limited time and resources. This can lead to delays in specialist appointments as well as delays for important tests, procedures, and surgeries.

CHAI Advocates can be the “constant” presence for a patient and their family/caregivers. They can help link resources and improve communication between different sectors within the system. This minimizes the chance of patients/caregivers falling through the cracks.

Help with Practical Tasks

Our Health Advocates help with time-consuming tasks such as filling out CPP Disability applications and Medical EI forms. We also assist with Advance Care Planning paperwork and End-of-Life Planning. We are able to spend time with patients, providing more in-depth teaching about their illness/injury and helping them decipher some of the medical jargon. This helps free up time for you to spend on tasks that are more critical.

Please read a CASE STUDY to see how a CHAI Health Advocate can help you.

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